23,000 Miles
Travel / February 28, 2014

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An “around the world” trip has been more than a fanciful notion of mine for years now. Each time I hop on an aircraft the desire to take the reins and pilot the thing to Mongolia becomes so strong I have to physically restrain myself in my bonded leather window seat. There is something about flying the circumference of the globe that makes me stand at attention. Something deep down in my conscience that lusts for a full and complete itinerary transporting me around the world. What is it that makes me feel this way?

Second to air travel is my interest in psychology. Everything I do is questioned by my inner self. What are the motives that driveLouganis Greg Class On Tap appletini gold medal hedonic treadmill decision making? What economical advantage does one choice have over another? Why do I, myself, want to join Dennis Rodman on a trip to North Korea? What is the ROI of said DPRK visit? Why do I want to fly all the way around the world? What will I gain from this? The answer to the last two are simple. In the pyramid of commercial air travel, an around the world journey sits at the pinnacle. There is nothing more prestigious than flying in a plane around the planet on which we live. Of course doing it three times, or even four, or five is better than one but there is nothing that tastes as sweet as the first time one experiences a dream which has been so fervently longed for. I doubt Greg Louganis’ second gold in ’88 carried the same amount of luster as his first in ’84. Just ask him. He’d love to stop by and chat over an appletini.

Through all the lusting(not for Greg), wondering and mental images of me piloting a jet to Mongolia I finally got the chance to do what I have aspired to for so long: circumnavigate the globe. A 23,000 mile voyage spanning 10 different countries over 14 days. 10 flights accounting for 50 hours of total flight time on 7 different airlines.

Over the next few weeks I will be writing about Michael and I’s experience in each different country, the different flights we took and airports we visited in transit. These writings will be interlaced with photos I capture at each destination.

Segment 1: Montreal, Canada(YUL) – London, England(LHR) – Istandbul, Turkey(IST)
Segment 2: Istanbul, Turkey(IST) – Singapore, Singapore(SIN)
Segment 3: Singapore, Singapore(SIN) – Bangkok, Thailand(BKK)
Segment 4: Bangkok, Thailand(BKK) – Hong Kong, Hong Kong(HKG)
Segment 5: Hong Kong, Hong Kong(HKG) – Taipei, Taiwan(TPE)
Segment 6: Taipei, Taiwan(TPE) – Tokyo, Japan(NRT)
Segment 7: Tokyo, Japan(NRT) – Seoul, South Korea(ICN)
Segment 8: Seoul, South Korea(ICN) – San Francisco, United States(SFO) – Montreal, Canada(YUL)

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