Boston, MA
Travel / November 22, 2013


After being invited up to Nashua, NH to test an indoor wave machine designed by American Wave Machines(more on that in a later post), Mike and I decided to make the most of a trip to New England. Meeting up with a companion, we imposed ourselves on him, hulling up at his bachelor pad for the night right in the heart of Boston University. Wanting to enlighten ourselves on the expanse of the city we made use of multitude of the city’s transportation systems. Including: Hubway, the city bike system; the antiquated subway/trolly lines; and Lyft, a new-school, smart-phone-spawned social network of entrepreneurial cab drivers. The latter is something I must elaborate on furthermore.

With this mode of transportation, one downloads the app on a smartphone, locates a nearby “Lyfter” and calls them. The rider reveals his/her location and waits for the drivers arrival. In order to discern the driver from the mass of cars in the location, the rider keeps on the lookout for an oversized fuzzy pink mustache attached to the front or inside the car. This is the most outrageous, peculiar, nonconformist(I could go on and on with descriptors, but I will stop at three) mode of transport I’ve seen. Once identified, the rider gets in the car and there is an unspoken fist bump given to the driver to confirm the authenticity of the Lyft. After going through the process, I felt as if I was participating in a spinoff of the Freemasonry fraternal organization. Except, it felt a little more homoerotic with a gigantic, fuzz emblazoned, pink mustache in my presence and a middle age Polish male driving me around in his Saab. Nevertheless, the system worked great allowing us to venture around the city affordably and become vaguely familiar with Harvard.




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