Fort Fisher Surf
North Carolina / October 16, 2013

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Finally had some surf in North Carolina after a serious dwell. Here are a few photos captured by Robby Johnson. Fort Fisher is chock full of history. The activities that took place here will never be forgotten.

Staple Crop
North Carolina / August 29, 2013

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Mike and I stopped by the

mill in the hinterland of NorthCarolina for a tour of the facility. Lake Phelps Grain Co. moves some serious quantities of staple crop everyday. Heres a semi unloading corn into the hopper which will then be stored in a massive silo. Next stop: Outer Banks.

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Queen City, NC
North Carolina / December 28, 2012

pea island north carolina oregon inlet class on tap

Oregon Inlet

rodanthe outer banks north carolina hurricane leslie

Rodanthe, NC

Hurricane Leslie


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Channel Markers Shallotte Inlet Ocean Isle North Carolina Class On Tap

Tug On the Intracoastal Waterway North Carolina Ocean Isle Beach Surf


North Carolina Wrightsville Beach Beautiful Surf Michael Powell Class On Tap


North Carolina Wrightsville Beach Beautiful Surf Ben Powell Class On Tap

Its always nice being back in the same general area with the whole family. Michael and I have spent the last few nights down in Ocean Isle whilst at the bosom of the family. We have been preparing and consuming many healthy, whole-foods meals.  This wholesome diet has established itself as a canon of the Powell household.  This was ultimately inspired from watching a documentary called  “Forks Over Knives” which is very convincing and recommended.

This morning we took the jet ski out and had a couple rounds of tow-ats in the inlet.  The waves where fun, which was unforeseen, and a handful of full-rotation airs where done, leading into a not-quite-riding-out completion due to the marginality of the waves.

North Carolina Class On Tap

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