Along The Hudson
Photos, Travel / February 25, 2014

Who in the hell views Amtrak as a viable source of transportation anymore? Isn’t that so 19th century? Why would the logical traveler opt for an 8hr journey by train that would take less than 2 hrs by air? Only the elderly who have a half days work of crossword puzzles and criminals who exude a moderate level of risk to the public opt for the train. Why these folks? Yes, its a rather odd bunch, but these are just the people that travel by train. I’ve seen ‘em with my own eyes.

I decided to position myself right in the dam middle of the docile seniors and the petty jewel thieves by hoping on one of their trains from Manhattan to Montreal. This service wound its way through the Adirondacks, shouldered the Hudson, stopped at every mid-size town on the list, and culminated in Montreal. It was a fine trip I must say. Vast landscapes yet having felt the harsh punishment of mans hammer and sickle. Raw & untouched. I like to think of this as the real America.

These are some images I found striking. The Hudson River. The Adirondacks.

IMG_0684_edit IMG_0695_edit IMG_0703_edit


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White Neutrals
Photos / February 9, 2014




Snow. A rare sight in coastal North Carolina. All normal operations seize. Two inches made it to the ground, most being ice.


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Photos / December 20, 2013

This photograph depicts midday and twilight overlooking the Intracoastal waterway in Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Looking southward, the Atlantic can be seen on the horizon. Nature is always inspiring with its beauty.

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Forest of Remorse
Photos / November 9, 2013

Ocean View
Photos / May 21, 2013

Matt Beacham class on Tap North carolina Rodanthe Outerbanks home ocean front falling in water

Another beautiful piece from Matt

Beacham. Ocean front home in Rodanthe, NC that has been undermined by the ever-moving Atlantic.

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Photos / February 27, 2013

Photos / November 10, 2012