Mexican Strike
Class, Photos / October 23, 2012

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Charity Mexico

Crossing the border is always captivating. It is one of the most polarizing experiences I have ever observed. One moment I am seeing the privileges of a first-world nation then immediately present is the plight and hardships of a developing country.

I must share one impression that will forever be stored on my mental hard drive. Dividing the metropolises of Tijuana and San Diego are two separate border fences. One, a barricade constructed by the United States, and the other, a structure built by Mexico. Describing the Mexican derivative of a border fence is not hard. Think back to the movie The Sandlot. Benny laced up his PF Fyers®, and with more zeal than Air Jordan, leaped the junkyard fence, snagged the Smalls’s prized ball and escaped invoking the wrath of the beast. Its as if this junkyard fence had been thieved from the set of The Sandlot, stretched laterally for miles and laid  upon this section of the U.S./Mexico border. To the north about 100 yds away is an American-made concrete structure complete with bundles of razor-wire. It quite literally dwarfs its Mexican counterpart.

Driving along the border on the Tijuana side, residents of Mexico can be seen peering through the rusted and weathered piecemeal barricade with dreams of one day successfully owning and operating a cliched Mexican restaurant on the other side. A restaurantè complete with shitty decor, free flowing chips-n-salsa, 6¢ Chiclet packets, and a chili-releno dish spicier than a Ricky Martin/Lance Bass duet.

After seeing these poignant images by the fences, I was much more inclined to spread what little wealth I have. From sharing my delicious churros with local street-walkers to handing off some loose change to a young boy who was running around like an unbranded range animal, my charitable donations were rather fruitful.

We plan on returning to Mexico in a few days in search of surf. This time I will donate even more than I did the last.

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Photos / February 18, 2012


Photos / February 6, 2012

Bonzai Pipeline Left Hawaii Oahu

Back in Wrightsville Beach sorting through some photos I snapped in Hawaii. This was one that I found most interesting.  I’m off to New York with cohorts Jimmy and Nic Butler for a couple days tonight.

 – Ben
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Photos / February 5, 2012

The house I am currently residing in.  Thanks to the ultra accomodating Wales family.

– Michael


Photos / February 2, 2012

I have moved to Australia for 54 days. Currently residing in northern New South Wales, I am waiting on the start of the surf contest Breaka Burleigh Pro scheduled to begin February 8th. Below are a few photos of the journey I took to get here (captured with the iPhone 3gsss). Honolulu → Christmas Island → Nadi → Brisbane. By far the coolest of all is Christmas Island.

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Photos / January 21, 2012

Class on Tap Los Angeles Powell Surf

En route to Hawaii