Embarking on the journey home, (from Denpasar I boarded Thai Airways to Bangkok). As it was my first time flying in a premium class long haul cabin I was amped for the 4 hour ride north.

Upon arriving I took a 30 minute air train ride into Bangkok to catch a glimpse of the city. Moments after exiting the train the “tuk tuk” and taxi drivers hit me like a pack of wolves who wanted to take me to the infomaous sex shows of the city. They saw fresh meat and wanted to separate me from the “baht” I had (Thailand dollar) any way they could; whether it was an outrageous price to tour the city, a viewing of the sex shows, massages or to shop at the bustling markets Bangkok is known for.

At one point I had to ditch a driver as he was driving me around in circles attempting to run up the taxi fare.  I visited the hectic market, night club and sex trading area of Pat Pong. I was blown away by how up front and pressing they are to promote prostitution (male or female servicing). The second taxi driver I chose, who supplemented the boredom of his night shift with a couple hits of the drug we know as “ice” took me to the Wat Pho (massive Buddhist temple) and then through a few less interesting districts and back to the airport.  Interesting blurb: billboards on the freeway around Bangkok are close to the size of American football fields.  The six hours of sweaty exploring in “the city that never sleeps” had me drained (“ice” would have set me straight but I forfeited the opportunity). Back at the airport I headed to the Royal Orchid Spa. Complimentary spa services provided by Thai Airways for premium passengers. Then hit the slumber area of the Royal Orchid lounge for a quick sleep prior to the hop over to Singapore.



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‘Round The World
Travel / April 22, 2013

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I went around the world. The longitudinal circumference of it in a vague sense. With some intermittent north/south travel thrown in as well.  Starting in North Carolina to Puerto Rico then onwards to California, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Egypt, Turkey and back to Virginia.

Typical routing from south east Asia to the USA is done over the Pacific Ocean. After injuring my calf muscle surfing in Bali, I had over 2 weeks of out of water recovery. During this time I did some heavy research on airline routing which led to the eventual booking of a first/business class ticket back home from Indonesia. The return home forfeited going over the Pacific. It would cover 4 continents, 5 days and allow me to stop and sample the metropolitan areas of Bangkok, Singapore, Cairo and Istanbul. Following this excerpt is a documented account at each city in my  ‘Round the World series. Stay tuned.

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