Montreal, Canada
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Montreal holds nearly every nationality and creed that exists on this planet. A true city of diversity. Positioned on the banks of the St. Lawrence, this sundry metropolis holds deep French roots and is touted as the most ‘cultural’ and the most ‘European’ city in North America. Step onto the streets and be engulfed in the arts. Architecture that stands through legacies of French and British creators, festivals of all genres attracting enthusiasts from all corners of the globe, and fare that is just as diverse.

I found myself wanting to explore as much of this city as I possibly could in 24 hrs. Starting near Mount Royal park I dipped into a sharp little coffee shop called Cafe Humble Lion and enjoyed a latte. From there I made a gigantic loop skimming the perimeter of Old Port Montreal. Here I found a fascinating backdrop. A dilapidated shipping terminal riddled with rusted steel silos and holding tanks, twisted planks and half-century old barges slumped over on their sides.



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Nixon Richard Cabinet President 1960

Richard Nixon and his Cabinet posing during his 5 yr reign from 1969-1974. Among them is Earl Butz, Secretary of Agriculture and the voice behind big agribusiness. He eventually resigned in 1976 due t0 vulgar racial utterings that weren’t taken well to the public. Also is Rogers Morton, Secretary of the Interior, during which time he oversaw the construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System and the 1973 oil crisis.

Holiday 2013
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Brixton Class On Tap Surf Holiday 2013

Brixton is proud to present its Holiday 2013 collection and video. The new line features a range of winter staples including pants, jackets, sweaters, headwear and accessories and is now available

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Shamanism Class On Tap Ben Powell Surf Brixton Oakley North Carolina

Surf Sale
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Powell Surf Sale Wrightsville Beach North Carolina Class On Tap

Lower Trestles
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