Outerbanks To Jersey Shore
Class / September 1, 2013

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Outer Banks Nags Head Class On Tap North Carolina Ben Powell Brixton surf

Chesapeak Bay Bridge Tunnel Virginia Delaware Maryland Ben Powell Michael Powell Class On Tap

Chesapeak Bay Virginia Class On Tap Container Ship Powell surf surfing Brothers Powell

After spending the weekend on the Outerbanks, competing, reuniting with old comrades, sipping on Pacifico, we are off to New Jersey. An unsuccessful competitive run at the Outerbanks Pro had each of us feeling dejected, however, a redeeming surf session before our departure lifted spirits. Michael bowed out in the quarter finals, so not an absolute failure of a performance. After hightailing northward to Virginia Beach, spending the night with the Dunphy family, we are off to Monmouth, New Jersey. Spending an extended period of time in the confinement of the car, we opened discourse on a multitude of topics. One of striking interest: poultry farming.

Becoming increasingly curious and, more so, increasingly perplexed on how our current state of mass food production is taken out in our country, the two of us decided to take a stop at one of the passing Tyson Food Co. facilities in Virginia on the Delmarva Peninsula…

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