Waves of Illusion
Surf / January 22, 2014

Nashua, NH. Thirty minutes north of Boston, hugging the Massachusetts/New Hampshire border. What surf relevance does this frost-ridden township bear? If curiosity is poking, prodding and just won’t let the question free, the answer is “none”. No surf culture or surf scene whatsoever. Absolutely none. That was until an adrenaline-seeking couple aligned their sights with a company by the name of American Wave Machines, forerunner in manmade wave technology. The confluence of these two parties has resulted in what is the largest river wave replica in North America. Housed under the roof of Surf’s Up New Hampshire, this machine is 40’ wide x 75’ long and is capable of moving 200,000 gallons of water per minute. Four municipal sewer pumps thrust a one foot sheet of water along preformed sections of fiberglass molds to project multiple wave configurations and heights. The complete atmosphere within the park is a fabricated surreal-ness. Tropical blues, palms shipped in from the more equatorial situated regions, a waterfall adorned with Amazon inspired vegetation, and a retractable glass roof are all features that  are distinctly contrasting to the fabric of New Hampshire. Whats more, theres a surfable wave within the walls of this illusion.

Michael and I were invited to test out this wave before the park opened its doors back in November. After having experienced surfing an artificial wave, I was evoked with deepened curiosity as to how the physics compare to the real thing.

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Photos / December 20, 2013

This photograph depicts midday and twilight overlooking the Intracoastal waterway in Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Looking southward, the Atlantic can be seen on the horizon. Nature is always inspiring with its beauty.

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Boston, MA
Travel / November 22, 2013


After being invited up to Nashua, NH to test an indoor wave machine designed by American Wave Machines(more on that in a later post), Mike and I decided to make the most of a trip to New England. Meeting up with a companion, we imposed ourselves on him, hulling up at his bachelor pad for the night right in the heart of Boston University. Wanting to enlighten ourselves on the expanse of the city we made use of multitude of the city’s transportation systems. Including: Hubway, the city bike system; the antiquated subway/trolly lines; and Lyft, a new-school, smart-phone-spawned social network of entrepreneurial cab drivers. The latter is something I must elaborate on furthermore.

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Forest of Remorse
Photos / November 9, 2013

Uncategorized / October 30, 2013

Nixon Richard Cabinet President 1960

Richard Nixon and his Cabinet posing during his 5 yr reign from 1969-1974. Among them is Earl Butz, Secretary of Agriculture and the voice behind big agribusiness. He eventually resigned in 1976 due t0 vulgar racial utterings that weren’t taken well to the public. Also is Rogers Morton, Secretary of the Interior, during which time he oversaw the construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System and the 1973 oil crisis.

Holiday 2013
Uncategorized / October 24, 2013

Brixton Class On Tap Surf Holiday 2013

Brixton is proud to present its Holiday 2013 collection and video. The new line features a range of winter staples including pants, jackets, sweaters, headwear and accessories and is now available

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Diet Soda Findings
Investigation / October 21, 2013

Let’s be real: Most of us who choose diet over regular soda probably know, deep down, that its lures are too good to be true. An effervescent elixir of our youth, caffeine-charged, and magically made without sugar and calories — how can that not be too good to be true? Well, like with most things in life, our instincts were right.

One study released this year, which was funded by the National Institutes of Health, showed that after a decade of daily soda consumption, those guzzlers were 30% more likely to develop depression than those who didn’t drink soda. The study also noted that the risk appeared greater for those who opted for diet, over its full-calorie counterpart.

Another study, published in the journal Diabetes Care, associated wider waistlines with daily diet soda consumption and showed a 36% greater risk of developing metabolic syndrome and a 67% increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, when compared with those who abstained from diet sodas.

Then there’s the crackhead factor: Excessive soda consumption can cause similar mouth damage and tooth enamel erosion as when one abuses meth or crack cocaine, according to a case study published in General Dentistry. To be fair, the subject drank about two liters of diet soda a day — which is more than most can handle. But, while lesser soda drinkers may not end up with a full-on meth-mouth, acid erosion can still occur.

One of the biggest indicators of diet soda’s detriment was found in a University of Miami and Columbia University joint study released last year, which surveyed 2,500 New Yorkers over a ten-year span. It found that people who drank diet soda daily were more likely to have had a stroke or heart attack, or to have died from vascular disease. This backs up a previous Harvard University study that associated greater risk of stroke with greater low-cal soda consumption.

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Fort Fisher Surf
North Carolina / October 16, 2013

Fort Fisher Ben Powell Class On Tap Surf Brixton North Carolina Civil War Confederacy Pirate

Finally had some surf in North Carolina after a serious dwell. Here are a few photos captured by Robby Johnson. Fort Fisher is chock full of history. The activities that took place here will never be forgotten.