The cabin on the 777 from Bangkok to Singapore was refitted just days prior. Featuring direct aisle access to each fully flat seat with popping aesthetics. Arriving in Singapore I went for a guided tour provided by the airline. A quick jaunt to the downtown area in a tour bus to see the sterile streets, towered by skyscrapers with brutalist architecture. The guide informed us of the

bustling port, reclaiming land, the population per capita and facts of the similar essence. Although I wasn’t in direct view of the port I saw the ~1000 ships that are bunkering in Singaporean waters, waiting on paperwork to complete or a change of crew. On the drive from the airport to the downtown you can feel the efficiency of living. The land mass isn’t large enough to support the population of over 5 million inhabitants without everyone being forced into high rise apartments. These apartments are outrageously expensive and have the personality of a rock. All of these rocks lining the freeway all looked the same in my book. The eye catcher of them all had to be the Marina Bay Sands Resort. An 8 billion dollar resort/casino that consist of three towers connected by a ship like structure sitting atop of them all in an unsymmetrical fashion. In summation, I will say Singapore is clearly the least interesting of the 4 brief stops that were made.



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