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No Directiøn

A video short edited and directed by Julian Martin. Filmed during our escapades throughout Central/Southern California and Mexico.




Hurricane Leslie, unlike some, did not leave thousands in despair. She didn’t expose FEMA of its wavering decrees. Hell, she didn’t even throw Jim Cantore into a state of titillation. One thing she did do, however, was evoke the leisurely inclinations of the Atlantic coast surfing masses. Of these masses, were Michael and Ben Powell. These cronies camped on the Outer Banks of North Carolina for the weeks worth of surf thanks to Leslie’s bovine nature.



Urban Promulgation

New York sustains 8 million people. At its heart, Manhattan, 1.6 million. It is the cultural hub of the world. In its vast complexities, surfing only bears a minute portion in the mores of its citizens. To expand this small portion, as to alter the perpetual path of surf culture, Michael Powell, PJ Raia and Ben Powell aim at being evangelists of surf through this featurette spotlighting the Big Apple.

Filmed and edited: RyanStruck.com




Autumn Air

Autumn is in the air on the Outer Banks. Michael takes advantage of some crispy left air winds and tubes that the place has to offer.



Summers Break

Thomas Brothers Productions
Michael Powell enjoys his summer across the Central America coastline.




Neff Video Challenge

Sweetwater was able to get a few clips from a handful of the many talented team riders. Ben Bourgeois, Michael Powell, Ben Powell, Ross Stevens, Nick Rupp, and Conner Lester. We are very proud of the personalities and the talent of all of our team riders.



Michael Powell//OZ

Mike Powell in Australia



Ben Powell//OZ

After a brief stay in Australia, The Thomas Brothers stitched together a short edit of Ben surfing complete with subdued tones of the Australian countryside. Although the waves where small Down Under, the boys had a “hell time” surfing and perusing the lands.




Look to the Tropics Episode 3

Featuring Michael & Ben Powell, and Mason Barnes.
Song: ‘Black Sheep’ by Metric

Videography: Bryant & Ellison, and Logan B.
Edit: Bryant




Look to the Tropics Episode 1

Thomas Brothers Productions presents a new video web series, ‘Look to the Tropics’. Episode One: Hurricane Katia. Shot in SC and NC. Featuring Michael Powell, Ben Powell, and Kyle Busey.

Song: ‘The Fox’ by Niki and the Dove