Cairo, Egypt

From Singapore I had a 30 minute flight to Kuala Lumpur on Singapore Air. Spent 1 hour in KUL then boarded Egypt Air’s 777 bird to Cairo. I utilized the lay flat bed function of this seat as the exhaustion from being awake and excited for over 36 hours was beginning to take its toll. On board I questioned the egyptian flight crew about checking out Cairo during my 15 hour layover. All 5 crew members I questioned were absolutely sure that I should not leave the airport due to violent outbreaks the current revolution has caused.

Upon arrival I inquired more about the current situation and decided I should not heed caution, but capitalize on the opportunity to experience the place I made plans to see. I was a bit timid after embarking on the tour I set up on arrival. No others took part. The driver, the guide, the vehicle and myself. I became more comfortable throughout the 6 hour adventure and was satisfied with the decision that was made.

To reach the Great Pyramids of Giza required crossing the Great Nile River. In my eyes it wasn’t so “great,” at least from my vantage point it wasn’t. The craziest part of the Nile in my experience was the plush greenness that spread 2 kilometers on either side of  the river.  Then abruptly it turns to a dusty, sandy, barren desert, which is known as the Sahara. The pyramids, (that I visited) on the other hand were great. The Pyramids of Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure all towered above the modern living structures that stood in front of them en route to their site. After learning about these great structures I made a whopping 30 second (I regret this; I am stupid) stop by the Sphinx to snap a photo and continued to the area of Tahrir square. Location of the Egyptian Musuem; also location of current protest and violent outbreaks fueled by the revolution. Approaching the area I notice large high rise structures that had been set ablaze and spray painted statements in english damning the current leader. Luckily we made it to the museum without any problems and the guide walked and talked me through King Tut’s treasures and other artifacts until it was time to depart.

The area of Egypt I visited was extremely dry. The traffic is terrible and pedestrians scurry across 12 lanes of traffic frequently.  The pyramid scheme is also used to stack fruits and vegetables that are of a spherical shape. I really enjoyed the experience. Highly recommended.

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